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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 brings together a number of technological and organizational tools that support Lean improvement methods in the industry. Industry 4.0 offers significant advantages in a time where the global industry  is re-inventing itself. At a time of crucial change in the industry, it is essential to tame its foundations and good practices, and to free oneself from prejudice.

Audit pour l'industrie 4.0

Audit et conception des processus

Vitaminn has developed its own audit methodology, adapted to each area of the industry and which takes into account the specific needs and constraints of companies. The audit makes it possible to:

  • measure the initial situation

  • define the general strategy that the technological transition will serve

  • discover the most advantageous projects to develop to meet needs, such as, for example, cost reduction, development of new markets, improvement of safety, quality ...

Audit 4.0
solutions technologiques pour l'industrie 4.0
Solution proposal

This phase is about meeting the needs identified during the audit and offering complete solutions addressing the technology but also the organisation, training and change management.

Vitaminn assists in:

  • Generation of technological solutions

  • Feasibility assessment and calculation of return on investment (ROI)

  • Drafting of technical specifications

  • Connecting and coordinating with technology suppliers

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Assistance conduite de projets 4.0
Project conduct support

In terms of project building and conduct, Vitaminn assists in:

  • The search for funding

  • The training of stakeholders in the conduct of technological projects

  • The support for the project until the results are obtained (assistance in dialogue with technology suppliers, review of technical proposals, creation of test plans, validation of tests, etc.)

Gestion projet
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