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Both are opposite but also necessary to successfully lead innovative processes. An innovative project's success will rely upon the balance and the timing of these competencies. Often, 15 minutes of creative thinking will generate the brilliant idea that will require many long hours of methodical and rigorous work. 

Compare a bee exploring a landscape, looking for flowers to the very strict and precise communication it will use to communicate the exact location to the others bees. 

méthodologie gestion de projet


Listening to your needs is critical because any innovative project must be aligned with the strategy, policy and even culture of the company. This is the first step that will guide the rest of the project steps. 

A good command of R&D development techniques and processes dramatically increase the success rate of innovative projects. 

The techniques used are selected based upon the project itself, the company vision and culture and the project team itself.  

The methodology is adapted to meet the specific needs of each project, in each field of industry, from heavy industry to assembly or biotech.

Méthodologie Vitaminn gestion de projet transformation digitale
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