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We strive to provide the skills and services needed to achieve your innovative development goals.

Whether you are thinking about new applications, new markets, a new way of serving your customers or new ways of communicating, we provide the tools, coaching and support to help you during the transition and beyond .



Innovation is not just about technology, it adds value to other areas such as management, marketing and sales strategies, communication, and so on. It's a state of mind that drives the whole business. We provide international expertise in research and development processes, innovative management, marketing, sales and communication strategies.


Method is a key success factor, even and especially in creative processes.

After listening to you and offering several options, Vitaminn 'defines the most suitable process for your project so that you know exactly what to expect, when and from whom.

We help you disseminate project objectives within the organization and train your teams so that they can manage the project themselves.


Vitaminn was created from the observation that Tunisia is at a turning point in its industrial history. It is no longer really a low-cost country, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to generate growth with existing tools and know-how. Today, it is essential to move to markets that are less competitive in price and with higher added value.

Vitaminn is an expertise firm specializing in growth through innovation and digital transition. Through the tools of Industry 4.0., Lean and innovation management, it offers comprehensive assistance in technological, organisational and management areas.

With a wealth of international experience, Vitaminn combines historical know-how and traditional industry expertise with an innovative and inventive touch.

From strategic watch to solution design, project support and training of your teams, Vitaminn supports you throughout your entire transformation.


14 D, rue Emir Abdelkader

1082 Mutuelleville

Tunis, Tunisie

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